• Notarization of copies

We notarize copies of any Greek of foreign language document.

  • Typing – video transcription

We can provide large volumes of type text within a fraction of time and cost.

  • Transcription

Any sound or video data, in Greek or in any foreign language (minutes from Board of Directors meetings, assemblies, etc) are converted to text of any format.

  • Proof-editing

Specialized scientists – translators per field edit documents in 125 languages and for 214 scientific fields.

  • Subtitling

We undertake the addition of subtitles (and of their translation if necessary) in any language.

  • Preparation of professional curricula vitae

We undertake the preparation of your professional identity, by drafting your curriculum vitae.

  • Completion of applications

Trust our know-how and experience for the proper completion of every application (in any country and for any organization).